The Poem



Please Mr Government listen to me,

enough is enough set the people free,

it’s time for peace time for harmony,

but whilst you are there it’s only tragedy.

So bring back the soldiers across the sea,

And just leave the people let them be,

You might find some people scared to live there,

find them safe haven and treat them fair.


And the one they call a terrorist listen to me,

you call yourself an army but your face we cannot see,

who gave you the right to do what you do,

when you kill the men and women and their children too,

what did those people ever do to you.


You might be on the road that’s going one way,

for your Lord up in heaven did not say,

I want you to bomb where the children play.


For when you die you might go,

on the Devil’s run down below,

and laughter and smiles it will never be,

as you live a life full of misery every new day in eternity,

but if I was you this is what I’d do,

I’d pray to your lord each and every day,

beg him for forgiveness and you might be saved .


And listen Mr Government hear what I say,

your on the same road that’s going the wrong way,

why cant you see how simple it could be,

to stop the pain and suffering and let the children be free.


To all the people who will pray tonight,

think of what is wrong and think of what is right,

and think of all the people who did not have to die,

and the poor people who are left to cry,

and think of God in heaven who did not say,

I want you to bomb where the children play.

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